The Society of Musical Arts (SOMA) was founded in 1981 by Dr. Samuel Applebaum, New Jersey's world  famous master teacher of the violin.


Our Mission

We are continuing to realize Dr. Samuel Applebaum's dream to provide an opportunity for both amateur and professional musicians to present concerts of orchestral music free to the public, with multi-generational appeal to the residents of Essex and surrounding counties.


Board of Directors


Laura Paparatto, President
Evan Schwartzman, Vice President
Peggy Reynolds, Treasurer
Sabatino Paparatto, Secretary
Innes Borstel, Publicity
Libby Schwartz, Member

Board Members

Sheila Appel – Hospitality
Gail Berkshire – Personnel Manager
Bernard Friedland – Grant Writer
Shirley Li – Librarian, Stage Manager
Alice Marcus – Venues Manager
Blossom Primer – Hospitality